Schlumpf Gear Hub product released in June 2023 after a new upgrade in 5 years after production was discontinued in 2018.

The serial numbers of hubs received in June 2023 are 1200, 1216, 1234, 1275, 1313, 1428, and 1431.
It is guaranteed for 5 years after purchase, and specific guarantees are in the product description and warranty.

Schlumpf gear hub?
The hub of a unicycle has a gear ratio of 1:1. Therefore, for each revolution of the pedal, the rotation of the wheel is also 1 revolution.
Schlumpf geared hubs have internal gears that rotate at a rate of 1:1.5. Gear ratios of 1:1 and 1:1.5 are optionally available.
Because of this feature, you can travel farther and faster with less pedal rotation.
In other words, roughly the same effect as riding a 24-inch on a 36-inch, a 29-inch on a 44-inch, and a 36-inch on a 54-inch.
There is a gear shift button where the crank bolt is.

The new Schlumpf Gear hubs are available in two widths (100mm and 125mm).
Existing Quax, KrisHolm (100mm)
With the new version, it can also be installed on Nimbus (32, 36 inch, 125 mm) products.

The new Schlumpf gear hubs have new features.
First is the availability of disc brakes.
Since the disc rotor is directly mounted on the hub body, it is possible to mount brakes on various products other than KrisHolm.
Greater control and usability.
180mm disc brake rotors can be installed.
In order to prevent gears from slipping out or shaking while driving, an 8mm protruding hole is made in the bearing to stably attach the bearing housing.
have it installed.

However, in the case of the existing frame, a drill guide tool is included to make a hole in the housing separately.
There is a hole in the center of the hub for replenishing lubricant inside.

Select the option according to the size of the hub of the product to be mounted (length from the center of the right bearing to the center of the left bearing) 100mm or 125mm.
Ex) All models of KrisHolm, Nimbus Oracle 24-36 inch - 100mm Schlumpf Gear Hub Nimbus Oracle 36, Nimbus Hatchet 26 - 125 mm Schlumpf Gear Hub

Things to check before ordering
-Schlumpf gear hubs are designed for use with bearing size ISIS type 42mm. Mounting is not possible on frames using square hubs.
-The number of spoke holes on the rim should be 36 holes.
-When using brakes, there must be a caliper tab to mount the brake assembly on the frame.
-In the case of KrisHolm products, you can use the included rotor by using the 'Nimbus D brake disc mount' rather than using the rotor on the existing crank.

1. Schlumpf Commemorative Hat
2. 180mm special size rotor
3. Shrump Gear Hub
4. 2mm hexagonal wrench : For the unstitched bolt in the gear shift button (shift button)
5. Key for fixing the gear shift button (shift button)
6. Special grease ampoule
7. Special bolt: Used when removing the crank
8. 3mm drill bit: used to make holes for anti-torsion pins in the frame housing
9. 6.2mm drill bit: used to make holes for anti-torsion pins in the frame housing
10. Drill Guide: Used to make holes for anti-torsion pins in the frame housing
11. 8mm hex wrench with 3/8" socket: for hub bolts
12. 3 rotor spacers: Used when the position of the rotor needs to be adjusted
13. 9 countersunk head screws M4x16 : Used when using No. 11 rotor spacer
14. Product description and warranty

hub specifications
-ISIS method
-Bearing size: outer diameter (42mm), inner diameter (22mm), thickness (12mm)
- Gear Ratio: 1:1 and 1:1.5
-Crank bolt: M12 (hole for center shift gear button (6mm hexagon wrench))

Schlumpf Gear Hub 100mm
-Bearing pitch: 100mm (center-center)
-Spoke holes: 36 holes
- Weight: 1.65kg (including bolts/buttons)

Schlumpf Gear Hub 125mm
-Bearing pitch: 125mm (center-center)
-Spoke holes: 36 holes
- Weight: 1.75kg (including bolts/buttons)

As shown in the picture above, the rotors of the Schlumpf Gear Hub have different inner diameter sizes and the number of required bolts.
Not compatible.